Legacy Wealth Planning

Preserve Your Wealth for Future Generations with Strategic Estate and Tax Planning

When it comes to preserving your wealth for future generations, there is no shortage of estate planning options available. In fact, whatever your personal goals may be, there are likely several tools and strategies available, and putting together a plan that meets your needs will be a matter of choosing the tools that work together most effectively.

At Singler Law, we provide comprehensive estate planning services for high-net-worth individuals in Ohio and Kentucky. Founding attorney Jim Singler has well over a decade of experience working with business owners, executives, investors, licensed professionals and other high-net-worth clients, and he has particular experience in the area of legacy wealth planning. As an eight-time Ohio Rising Star in Estate Planning and Probate and a five-time Five Star Wealth Manager as recognized by Cincinnati Magazine, Jim brings a strategic and collaborative approach to helping his clients develop effective estate plans that leave lasting legacies while mitigating overall tax liability.

3 Critical Aspects of Legacy Wealth Planning

In broad terms, there are three critical aspects of legacy wealth planning. These are: (i) asset protection during your lifetime; (ii) distribution of your wealth after death; and, (iii) mitigation of estate, gift and income tax liability.

1. Asset Protection During Your Lifetime

As a high-net-worth individual, legacy wealth planning starts with protecting your accumulated assets during your lifetime. When you create your estate plan, you want to be as certain as possible that everything you now own will still be available for distribution after your death. To this end, for many individuals, the process begins with implementing various asset protection tools in order to sidestep unnecessary risks and liabilities.

2. Distribution of Your Wealth After Death

Once your assets are secure, then you can develop a plan for distributing your wealth after death. When crafting your estate plan, the tools you need will largely be dictated by your personal goals. Whether you want to leave a substantial portion of your estate to charity, you wish to establish your own family foundation, or you want to ensure that your wealth will be passed down to future generations (or, like many people, you want to achieve all of these goals), Jim can help you build a comprehensive plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

3. Mitigation of Estate, Gift and Income Tax Liability

While only the wealthiest of individuals need to worry about federal estate tax (the estate tax exemption is now over $11 million for individuals), there are various other tax-related considerations involved in legacy wealth planning as well. Jim is intimately knowledgeable about the tax implications of asset protection and high-net-worth estate planning, and he can use his knowledge and experience to help maximize the value of your estate for future generations.

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